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Ruptly Stringer is your opportunity to become part of our news team, sell your footage and get rewarded for it.
Follow these 4 easy steps to start using the app:
Ruptly Stringer app is available for all iOS devices and most Android smartphones.
Every story is worth a try. Whenever you see something unusual or newsworthy use your phone to start filming or you can go live.
Upload videos related to specific tasks from our newsroom. Or submit your own video that you find newsworthy.
Getting a reward is simple and easy and only requires a valid PayPal account.
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Here are some topics and video examples that would usually be of interest to our newsroom. Any event can be newsworthy and hit the headlines.
Breaking News:
Breaking News is any story of real public interest that is happening right now. It could be anything – an accident, clashes at a mass protest or an on-going police operation. Breaking News is of the highest priority and should be delivered immediately.

The Newsroom will also create a Task whenever something is happening. Check your Phone for any updates in your location. Try to be fast to claim highest reward.
Tense situations can lead to clashes. Whether during a protest, or specific events. Clashes are always an eye-catcher and can spark the viewers’ interest to find out more about the story itself.

The Newsroom is highly interested in videos that show just that. The ultimate click-bait, which makes your video more desirable. But make sure you stay in a safe area – we don’t need you to become a news story.
Although protests are among the most common videos we receive, they are no less important. The more people who show up for a protest, the better. Pay attention to visual details, anything that captures your eye.

At times tensions can run high, and sometimes clashes breakout. This is of particular interest to the Newsroom, although, your personal safety comes first.
The News is usually fast paced, most stories that air today are outdated by tomorrow.

Feature stories are an exception. Whether it is a really cute animal video, the first 3D printed car, or amazing art-work; feature stories are the videos that you can watch at any time and they never get boring. Therefore, if you shot something cute or funny last week – it is still worth a try uploading it.
Any Newsroom is interested in footage of natural, or man-made catastrophes. If you happen to eyewitness an earthquake, flooding, wild fires or similar, such disasters usually last for days, weeks and sometimes months.

Generally, we are always interested in footage from affected areas that show the incident itself, and/or the aftermath.
Entertainment News covers a wide range of sensational events. This can include a famous person appearing, red carpet events and athletes arriving at their new sports team. People love to know what’s going on in the lives of their idols.

The media dedicates a lot of energy and resources to stories that just revolve around the life of celebrities, therefore, it is in high-demand.
Whether it is the most recent trend in consumer electronics, or the latest development in the space program, the world evolves around the latest technological developments.

Send your videos through Ruptly Stringer to see it published in the news.
Videos involving animals are of high demand online and sometimes even get broadcasted by large TV networks.  A unique video can reach millions of users online in a short time and increase the reach of a media-outlet within hours.

But there’s a difference between your pet playing with you and a video that can go viral so when you submit your video, make sure it is something really special. The competition is tough. Make sure that under no circumstances an animal is harmed in the process of your filming.
Sport events are usually more difficult to film due to license agreements. You can’t legally just distribute footage of a football/soccer game. Think outside the box, or in this case, outside the Arena. You can always film sport-related events, like fans gathering outside of the stadium.

Keep an eye out for upcoming events between rival teams in case excitement boils over into tensions or even confrontations.
In order to film a nice piece of footage that the newsroom would be happy to accept, please follow our tips and recommendations:
Film horizontally
In order to get the most out of your phone, make sure you hold it in a horizontal position while you are filming. This allows you to fill out the entire screen and make it more appealing to the viewer.
Do not film against the Sun. Avoid any rays that interfere with your footage. Position yourself correctly and where possible keep the sun at your back.
Avoid the Zoom on your camera, it only decreases the resolution and has a negative impact on the quality of your footage.
Steady Shot
A shaky video is hard to watch, make sure you keep your phone steady. When filming pull your arms towards your face, almost like holding binoculars, in order to keep control of your phone and provide a steady image.
Please do not walk around and chaotically turn left and right while filming. And do not use the camera to orient or search for something to film. First look yourself. And remember, the smoother and slower you move camera, the better.
Pan movement
Panning can be important. Imagine you are filming a long queue of people waiting in line to buy a new product. If you are unable to show the queue, record the beginning of the line and keep a steady shot of five seconds, then slowly pan to the end of the line.
Video Length
It is important that your footage is long enough for news editor to explain what is happening. The length of a video or series of videos should be at least 1 minute in total. Include different shots of the place for cutaways, each one needs to be around at least 10 seconds long.
When you are recording, focus on the action and center your camera accordingly. Avoid filming unnecessary space that is unrelated to your story. For example, if you film a protest, use at least ¾ of your screen range to show the protest and avoid showing too much of the sky. 
The wide-shot, as the name suggests, is filmed from a distance to show the broadest perspective of the story. Think of a protest for example, a wide-shot includes many people in the image, and the image includes them as a whole without cutting out any body parts.
The medium-shot is filmed from mid-range. You are still able to see more than one person in your shot, but usually the image only reaches from peoples’ head to their waists.
The Close-Up is filmed to give more detail to your story. It focuses on one-particular detail. It can be the face of a person because you want to reflect their expression, or a sign up close, so the viewer to better understand what your story is about.
Once your video has been uploaded and accepted by our newsroom, you'll get paid as soon as the information has been verified. In order to get paid for your videos, you need to have a valid PayPal account.

PayPal keeps your financial information securely encrypted and doesn't share it with either sellers or merchants.

Is PayPal available in your country? Check the list.

1. Go to to register an account so you can receive payments from us.
2. After registering on the website you will receive an email from PayPal. Please check your mailbox and make sure you follow the instructions to confirm your email address.
3. Enter the same email that is associated with your PayPal account in the profile section of the Ruptly Stringer app.
4. Before we send the payment to your PayPal account, you have to accept our price offer. Follow the instructions in the app.
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